· About Us ·

Our mission at Wheel and Wedge is to bring the world of American cheese to Pittsburghers (and no, not those yellow, plastic wrapped squares people call cheese). American-made cheese has come a long way over the years. It now rivals, if not surpasses the famous European cheeses we all know and love. Some American creameries have even created new styles of cheese never seen across the pond before. Those cheeses are what we live for. Between owner David Lagnese building relationships with Pennsylvania cheesemakers and manager Alix Wiggins seeking out new and exciting cheeses, our case is always stuffed with the best our region has to offer.

Many of our cheeses come from very small, family-owned farms. We even have a few cheeses that no one else in PA carries. Because of this, our cheese portfolio is completely our own and represents our love and passion for cheese as well as the relationships we’ve built with some of the best cheesemakers in the country. The case is constantly changing so that we can always have something new for our dedicated regulars.