· Where Our Cheese is Made ·

We try to source most of our cheese from Pennsylvania Dairies. Of course thats lots of fun since the dairies are close enough to visit in-person. We’ve even gotten to know the cheese makers and their families.


Clover Creek Cheese Cellar

– Blair County, Pennsylvania

Clover Creek is owned and operated by David and Terry Rice, and their five children. The Rice family raises the cows on their farm, and the milk goes directly into cheese production. The animals have freedom to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine. The cows are able to graze on tasty grass, and relax on green pastures. The Rices’ make the cheese themselves on the farm. Great care is taken in the production and aging of the cheese. The cheese is allowed to form a natural rind as the wheels age in their climate controlled cellar. All this tender-loving care comes through in the flavor of the cheese.

We typically carry their aged cheddar and gouda varieties.

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God’s Country Creamery

– Potter County, Pennsylvania

God’s Country Creamery is owned and operated by Mark and Melanie Bachman and their three children. Nestled in the peaceful hills of Potter County, the Bachman’s are dedicated to producing high-quality, hand made artisan cheeses. The cheeses are made on the farm using the all-natural, clean raw-milk, free from artificial growth hormones. The mountain spring water and lush green pastures on the farm give the milk a fresh and sweet flavor. The quality of the milk makes the cheese perfectly delicious. The cheese comes in enormous 20+ pound wheels.

We typically carry their gruyere, lace swiss, and havarti varieties.

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Hidden Hills Dairy

– Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Hidden Hils Dairy is owned and operated by Lori Sollenberger and husband Rex Knepp. Lori is the daughter of Ray and Elaine Sollenberger who have maintained a herd of Jersey Cows on the farm dating back to 1955. In recent years, Lori and Rex began using the milk to make high quality artisan cheeses. All the cheese begins with Milk from the Jersey Cows. From April through October the cows enjoy wide open pastures and superb nutrition made possible by intensive grazing. During the winter months they are fed home grown grass and alfalfa hay. The cheese is made from raw milk and the wheels are aged a minimum of 60 days. The cheese looks beautiful and has a delicious taste.

We typically carry their Gouda and their Buttercup, which is a mild Butterkasse style cheese.

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Riverview Dairy

– Clarion County, Pennsylvania

Riverview Dairy is owned by an Amish family- Sam and Susie Byler and their 7 children. The farm and dairy is located in Emlenton, PA on the Clarion River. They milk approximately 50 goats and make artisan goat milk cheese. They are fed a very natural diet of fresh grasses and locally grown grains. The goats have a happy stress free life as they are able to graze in the pastures and also have the protection of a barn. They make a variety of different fresh chevre and feta cheese. They have also make several varieties of aged tome style goat cheeses. The aged tome cheeses has been receiving critical acclaim by a variety of chefs in Pittsburgh.

A few years ago, the Bylers applied for a cheese makers scholarship sponsored by Slow Food Pittsburgh. Sam won the award based on an application to make sheep milk cheese. Sam hired renowned consultant Peter Dixon to teach him the “make” process and to help make the first batch. Of course the Bylers needed a herd of sheep, so he partnered with his neighbor Aaron Schwartz and his family. Aaron purchased a herd and began milking the sheep. Wheel and Wedge owner David Lagnese helped out by securing space in a limestone cave that is used to age the cheese. At David’s request, the style of cheese made with the sheep milk is Pecorino- his favorite Italian style of cheese. So we are all very proud of the sheep milk cheese which is the only cheese of its type being made in western Pennsylvania.

We typically carry the fresh chevre and feta. We also offer the aged goat milk tome cheese called Meadow Belle. And of course we cary the Sheep Milk Pecorino called Schof Kase.



Birchrun Hills Farm

– Chester County, Pensylvania

Birchrun is a family owned dairy farm in the highlands of Birchrunville, Chester Springs. The Millers offer handcrafted raw milk cheese. They manage a herd of about 100 cows. Sue Miller is the cheese maker. She has become well known as a cheese maker and also a leader in the Pennsylvania artisan cheese movement.

They make just a few cheeses, but focus on making them very well. Their most popular are the Birchrun Blue and Fat Cat. The Blue is a raw milk natural rind semi-soft cheese that is rich and creamy with delicate blue flavors. Fat Cat is also raw milk, but is a washed rind cheese, both earthy and tangy with a grassy finish.

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Lancaster County Dairies

A legendary place for cheese making and all things dairy. We work with several young Amish cheese makers who are breaking from tradition Amish cheese which are typically bland. They are making very distinctive and delicious cheeses. We met all of these cheese makers at PASA meetings. The three cheese makers noted below live within a few miles of each other in Lancaster County.



King’s Kreamery

– Is located in Gordonville, PA . The operation is led up by Eli King with help from his family. He milks cows, goats and sheep. The creamery is located on the farm, so its true farmstead cheese. Because he has access to a variety of milk, he’s is able to make cheese with interesting milk combinations. He is well known for his cammemberts, made with both cows milk and sheep milk- called respectively “How Now Cow” and “That’ll Do Ewe.” Our offerings from King’s Kreamery vary by season.

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Misty Creek Goat Dairy

– Is located in Leola, PA. Amos Miller has become quite a skilled cheese maker over the years. He makes cheese from the goat milk he produces on the farm. But he also partners which other local milk producers to make an array of cheese including mixed milk cheeses. Amos’s pride and joy are his Blue Cheeses. He makes a three milk blue that he calls Rolling Hills Blue. He also makes several semi-soft goat, sheep a mixed milk cheeses that have become very popular.

Shepherd’s Hollow Farm- Is located in Christiana, PA. Emanual Byler and his family operate the farm. The raise cows, goats and sheep. They have developed a number of excellent cheeses, partnering with Amos Miller to make the cheese in his creamery. Our offerings change seasonally but include a variety of sheep and goat milk cheeses.



Parish Hill Creamery

– Westminster West, Vermont

Located in a beautiful area of Southwestern Vermont, Parish Hill Creamery makes seasonal, hand made, raw milk cheeses inspired by traditional DOP Italian cheeses. Its a family endeavor, drawing on Peter Dixon’s 30+ years of cheese making and consulting experience. With his wife Rachel, sister Alex, and apprentices, Peter is orchestrating the fermentation and transformation of excellent milk into beautiful and delicious cheese. The creamery is located in the village of Westminster West, and was the original production facility for the now famous Vermont Shepherd Cheese. David Major still makes award winning cheese in the neighborhood. Its not unusual to see his flock grazing outside the creamery.

At Wheel and Wedge, we have a special relationship with Peter Dixon since he consulted with us to make and age the sheep milk Pecorino made by Riverview Dairy. Peter also has consulted to, or taught classes for many of the cheese makers who make our cheeses including Clover Creek, River Dairy, Asgaard Farm and Sugar Hill Creamery. Peter helps advise us on an ongoing basis on aging the Pecorino.

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